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Ko-fi Account - Help support Cal!

Hey, everyone! I've started up a Ko-fi page! If you like my comics and would like to help support me while I work on them, please drop by and buy me a coffee if you can! Every bit of support counts <3 

I'll also be posting panel previews there while I work! [I do have a Patreon but I'm still in the middle of setting it up around the project after Cal. I'll share it here next year once that project is under way!] Because I am working still while on hiatus, there'll still be updates there from now till June. I figure doing this'll help keep me working at a timely pace lol

Thanks again for dropping by and I hope to see y'all around! <3


- Lu


by Lugialuver1


Made some posters for Cal and my Wix site so they can be printed and left places! I'm adding a link to downloadable versions of these and some 8.5x11" versions. 

The 8.5x11 versions have the print in the middle and extra space on the sides. Just cut along the blue line to trim them down to a nice 8.5x6.5" sized mini-poster!

Feel free to print and share these – in real life and on other sites – if you'd like!




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Running a little late

Hey guys! Don't know how many of y'all read these, but tomorrow's update might be late. I got distracted by Spyro and thought today was Wednesday. The page is about 2/3 done as of now and I'll try my best to finish it tonight. If I can't, it'll be up around 6 PM EST tomorrow afternoon!

Thanks for reading!

- Lu

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Mad Love, Guys <3

Holy cow, guys. seeing all these views, especially when it's 1 visit with 10+ views*, warms my heart so much!! Y'all are truly the best! 


- Lu


*(Unless it's webpage reloading fault stuff then I apologize)

by Lugialuver1


Welcome to the site, everyone! Sorry that it isn't too mobile friendly. I have a few HTML/CSS wrinkles to iron out. Just wanted to drop in and say thank you for all the views!! Be sure to subscribe to get notice of everything that goes up!


- Lu