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Update tomorrow

I'm gonna shoot for tomorrow afternoon on this stupid page posting. It's 2 AM and I'm STILL working AJSGAJSAGJ I love this comic but I really screwed myself this time lmao
Thank goodness this is the last building page. For the next 22 pages it's NOTHING BUT TREEEEEES (I'm v tired, guys)
This is also making me rethink a one-a-week update for Penguin Quest. At least for the first chapter or two (approximately 60 pages) I think I'm going to do an every other week schedule so I can have time to breathe and make a decent buffer
Nyways, back to work. See y'all tomorrow
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Late Notice

Tomorrow's page isn't nearly ready to go up. I'll try my best to have it up before midnight tomorrow but at the latest it'll be up first thing Saturday.

Between tech issues, multiple unforeseen cross-town errands, and the untimely arrival of a new used game, I haven't been on top of this page like I should have been which is 100% my bad.

Like I said, I'll do my best to get it up soon, if not as just inks for the time being, but I'm still inking cobblestone (WHYYYY, PAST ME, WHYYYY). Finishing it and the stone texture on the buildings should be the only things to take a lot of time and after that it SHOULD be smooth sailing from there. *knock on wood*

Also, don't forget the Q&A strip is next week! You still have time to get your questions in!

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Cal Q&A

I don't know if anyone reads these but I'm gonna post them anyways ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ (I THINK that's how this emoji is used???) Anyways, I'll post it again when the next page goes up June 1, but I'll be having a Q&A strip to celebrate the end of the first act/chapter!
You can leave questions for Cal, Ariel, and myself (Lu) here through a PM or on my Deviantart account!
Thank you again for all the love and support for Cal, everyone!! <3
xoxo –Lu
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Despite being on hiatus, I've still been lurking in the site's pageview stats and a few days ago we passed 8,000 total pageviews!! :U I seriously nearly fell out of my desk chair when I spotted it! I'm working on a small drawing to say thank you for all the love this comic has gotten! It's certainly been more well-received than I had ever imagined and we're still only 11 pages in!

Thank you again, everyone <3

- Lu

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Ko-fi Account - Help support Cal!

Hey, everyone! I've started up a Ko-fi page! If you like my comics and would like to help support me while I work on them, please drop by and buy me a coffee if you can! Every bit of support counts <3 

I'll also be posting panel previews there while I work! [I do have a Patreon but I'm still in the middle of setting it up around the project after Cal. I'll share it here next year once that project is under way!] Because I am working still while on hiatus, there'll still be updates there from now till June. I figure doing this'll help keep me working at a timely pace lol

Thanks again for dropping by and I hope to see y'all around! <3


- Lu