Comic 12 - Page 11 - Lucky

March 16, 2018
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Page 11 - Lucky
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Lugialuver1 March 16, 2018 Edit  /  Delete
Maaaaap! I wonder why they need to head to the Wilds first...

The other locations that are cut off or covered are Florina, Devil's Waste, and Drakonia. Florina is where Cal's temple is and Drakonia is nothing but ruins and wasteland, destroyed in a war ages past and claimed by Devil's Waste (the victors) and creatures that live in the Wilds.

Big thanks to my friend Z (author of my other hiatused comic, Reliquary) for designing the base map I worked from! I have 0 sense for map design lol After I polish it some more, I'm planning on selling 11x17 prints of the map design. It's specifically Ariel's map and comes with its own wear and tear!


Because getting to her home, with a lake in the way, is obviously shorter. I hope she has some nifty teleportation stuff shoved in her attic.