Comic 21 - Page 15 - Fishing Perils

July 1, 2018
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Page 15 - Fishing Perils
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Lugialuver1 July 1, 2018 Edit  /  Delete
Gotta be faster, Ariel. Maybe Cal with his fish hat will have better luck.

I can't BELIEVE how long it took to finish this page! I blame having Ariel IN the water and her wings. I would have been done hours earlier if not for her wings. I can't wait till she gets out of the river. (Which is thankfully next page)

I mentioned the other day in a post that Cal is now switching to a loose update schedule. I'm going to try to finish a page a week but with all the focus on Cal, I'm unintentionally neglecting my other duties. (Namely starting page work for Penguin Quest). Meeting the Friday deadline has also turned this into a chore instead of being fun so I'm hoping this'll fix that.

Again, I'm so sorry about all of this, but my health and sanity needs to come first. Thanks for understanding.

See y'all sometime next week!


It's all right. Other comics I read have worse update schedules. And I can totally sympathize with you con Ariel's Wings. Anything with wings expands the drawing time by like 50%. Tattoos are a similar case, but for me it's the rigidity of one of my characters' tattoos that drives me up the wall.
Thanks, and exactly! Because Ariel has specific scars, it takes a little extra time to make sure they're in about the right place and look consistent.
Ariel is cute. I hope she gets her fish.