Comic 23 - Page 16 - Fishing Success

October 21, 2018
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Page 16 - Fishing Success
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Lugialuver1 October 21, 2018 Edit  /  Delete
The perks of being a water mage. Fishing made easy

I'll update this when the color is done, but I really wanted to get SOMETHING y'all's way. Thank you so much for being patient and sticking around. Things haven't been exactly easy here and I hate that it's been so long since the last page. Hopefully that should be changing real soon!


Huzzah! This still exists!
It does!! :D I've mostly just been busy and sick and not being able to work on pages like I had been has been driving me nuts, but I've learned a few new tricks so hopefully those will be of some help lol

Also I'm hoping to get to the end of this scene by late November so I can get the first half pulled together in book form ^^ It should be really cool!
Welcome Back!!