Comic 3 - Page 2 - Brawl

January 12, 2018
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Page 2 - Brawl
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Lugialuver1 January 12, 2018 Edit  /  Delete
3...2...1... BRAWL! Guard yourself, Cal, It could get rough!


Lilbluebox January 12, 2018 edit   delete   reply
Awwww, two pages (and a cover) in and this is already delightful. :] You've got an absolutely adorable art style and I LOVE the fish outfit. That hat is nothing short of adorable comedic genius. There's not much in the way of plot yet, being all of two pages in, but it's always lovely to start things off with a bang. Or a tavern-brawling smash, as the case may be. I'm seeing a lovely array of races already, always good news for a fantasy comic, and you've got a great little tang of modern stuff just slipped in here in the case of those maid outfits. Not something I expected to see, but it works.

Your paneling's good too, all very readable and pleasing to the eye. NICE work on lighting here, there's not only a marked difference between outside and inside, but inside actually looks lit by fire. Which is HARD, congratulations you!

I do really love how you're handling your speech bubbles; they're nice and clear, but don't actually obstruct any art. Nice compromise there.

Favorite expression on this page is the bartender in the back. Same old, same old, he's not even ruffled. It's great. XD

All in all? Well done! This is a lovely start to what promises to be a lovely comic and I cannot wait to see where it leads!

EDIT: I had unnecessary button advice here because the site was being dumb. You're good. Carry on. :]