Comic 8 - Page 7 - Run

February 16, 2018
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Page 7 - Run
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Author Notes:

Lugialuver1 February 16, 2018 Edit  /  Delete
What’s a good way to stop a bar fight? A skinny nerd yelling as a tiny demon carries them out the door under their arm.

Finally out of the bar!! I was getting tired of the lighting in there xD Just 6 more pages till the end of this "chapter"! Thanks again for reading, everyone <3

(Also can I just say that Ariel's laugh makes me smile??? She's great >w<)


I thought the demon was bigger?
Lugialuver1 February 16, 2018 edit   delete   reply
Nah, he's just a guy and I made his shadow look bigger for effect. Or did you mean Ariel? No, she's pretty smol